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The last few weeks have been unusual to say the least, and I’m sure some of you are feeling uncertain as the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve. We know you’ve probably been overloaded with these types of updates but as business advisors and leaders, our ability to connect with our people is more important than ever. Now is the time to amplify authentic communication and reinforce the power of human connection.

As it always is in our world, it’s a balance between the heart and the head as we move forward; a delicate balance that when communicated correctly can really shore up a sense of optimism, clarity and calm confidence in our people.

In the spirit of sharing ideas with our community, I wanted to tell you about We Are Unity’s responsible practices and give you our take on hope and continuity, as we lean into the new challenges that are in front of us all.


Based on the advice of health authorities, We Are Unity has given clear instructions to our team when it comes to hand sanitisation, surface contact and general best practices for a healthy work space. The good news is that the majority of our products and services can be delivered in a contactless way.

Remote Working

Our team has been given the flexibility to work from home. We all have full remote access and are well versed in effective behaviours when it comes to virtual meetings, brainstorms and other team building situations. As a business we are ideally setup for remote working and these changes will be seamlessly integrated and will not affect your day to day experience with us.

Business and People Continuity Planning

Our team is already underway with plans to ensure business as usual (or shall I say, business as unusual), from online workshops and remote research practices, through to contactless photo and video shoots.

Secondly, our commitment to support your business;

We Are Unity is privileged to be working shoulder to shoulder (at a safe 1.5 meter distance) with some of the most progressive organisations in Australia when it comes to People & Culture, and we’re also fortunate to have some of the best creative and behavioural expertise as part of our team. With that, over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing regular video updates filled with learnings, guidance, and new ideas on critical topics like Leadership, Communication, Mental Resilience, Prioritisation, Community, Connection and Trust.

Among other things, we’ll wrestle relevant questions like:

  • How can leadership connectedness and cohesiveness be maintained in a team that’s geographically dispersed through remote working? And how do leaders keep their door open, when they’re not in the office?
  • How can businesses balance commercial realism and emotional connection when communicating to employees during this time?
  • How do you ensure personal accountability of new working methods to drive the right outcomes for employees, families and communities?
  • How might working from home impact the wellbeing of the workforce? From increased availability of snacks due to close proximity to the pantry, through to feelings of loneliness and isolation?

Those are just some of the questions we’ll be answering…if there’s anything you’d specifically like to pick our brains on based on learnings we may have, please contact myself or the team.

On a personal note, if you have specific concerns or want to chat about anything, please feel free to call me directly on (+61) 410 657 265.

Our virtual door is always open.

Ben Bars, CEO

March 17, 2020, We Are Unity