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About your Easter Holiday

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After almost 2 millennia, we think Easter is long overdue for some radical self-disruption. As we enter our x week of hibernation, it’s essential we hold onto the moments that unite us. That’s why this year, the We Are Unity Team popped our rabbit ears on early, and strategised how we could solve the biggest problem currently facing the Easter Bunny:

How can we bring people together while everyone is apart?

Check out our tips below and don’t forget to share your own ideas with us too!

Happy Easter from the whole team at We Are Unity.

Make everyone feel welcome

Taking Easter ‘online’ will be easier for some than others. It’s up to all of us to make digital spaces accessible and inclusive for everyone, especially our less tech-savvy relatives.

Set up a video call in front of an interesting backdrop and hide chocolate eggs in every nook and crevice. Then call up the kids (or the adults) and send them on a digital Easter Egg hunt.


Start a new tradition

Yearly customs bring people together, but every tradition has to start somewhere. Now is the perfect time to unite around a new yearly household ritual.

Take a pastime or activity you already love to do together and make a big deal out of it. Consider an ‘Easter cake-off’, a ‘Jigsaw Jam’ or a ‘Quote-along’ of a favourite film. Before you know it, you’ll have an annual tradition that everyone can look forward to.


Spend some quality analogue time

As our virtual comms channels become more important than ever, screen time is set to 10x 20x and potentially even 50x during the Easter break.

Set dedicated ‘offline’ hours and spend some time in the moment over a new recipe, a vision board, impromptu karaoke or some good old fashioned conversation. (And yes, talking to yourself is perfectly acceptable too!)



April 8, 2020, We Are Unity