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What are progressive HR Directors measuring?

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What happens when our CEO and Head of Culture and Performance get together?

Ben Bars and Reetta Makinen tell us how they’re helping HR Directors future-proof businesses with metrics.

If you want a future-focused business strategy, the devil is in the data. We can rapidly drive business outcomes using culture, data and performance metrics. Ben and Reetta explain four key insights that help them partner with HR Directors to grow businesses and break barriers.


Understand your organisation’s performance gap

Progressive organisations don’t just know where they want to be. They understand precisely how to get there. A key element to success is identifying the performance gap, the gap between current workplace culture and the culture needed to deliver on a business strategy. Truly grasping the performance gap allows businesses to benchmark their culture against business strategy, quantify the commercial value HR initiatives have on financial growth and start moving forward.


Know the commercial value of employee experience investments

A decade ago, we learnt the impact of positive customer experience (CX) on the bottom line. Today, we’re realising the effect employee experience (EX) strategies can have on business outcomes.

EX strategies that support people and culture initiatives are now commonplace but many businesses are not considering the commercial implications of their approach. Savvy organisations are designing their EX strategy based on desired business outcomes such as sales revenue, market share, and product development. Meaning they’re able to quantify the value their EX investments have made on overall business performance.


Start measuring pace, growth and innovation

Traditionally, HR reports on headcount, safety, employee engagement and staff turnover. These are important metrics that focus on risk and compliance. However, progressive HR leaders are aligning their metrics with commercial priorities of the business, instead of simply benchmarking against other organisations’ engagement scores.

Today, future-focused HR leaders are reporting on new metrics such as growth, the pace of the organisation and brand reputation. Allowing HR leaders to make decisions based on the end-to-end capability and breadth of support required for deep change, as opposed to features and functionality of EX.


We help progressive HR Leaders and organisations design a unique employee experience measurement strategy. We capture real moments of truth to enable the organisation to deliver on their business strategy and cultural aspirations. If you want to talk to us, contact reetta@weareunity.com



June 11, 2019, We Are Unity