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So you have an EVP. Now what?

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We love developing EVPs and employer brands. But getting the messaging and creative right isn’t the end of the project. For the highest performing brands, it’s just the start. If you want your EVP and employer brand to deliver, you need to embed it right across your organisation – not just in attraction and recruitment.


Tip 1: Turn yourself inside out

The best employer brands are a true reflection of life within an organisation. Which is exactly why you need to start with an internal launch, rather than the flash careers site. You can still build the great site (and we can help) but if you get your workforce on side first, you’ll create something much more powerful: employee advocacy.


Tip 2: Do sweat the small stuff

Don’t wait for your people programs to be reskinned. Just start using your new EVP, in every interaction. Every moment in the employee lifecycle matters – even the little ones. So personalise your review emails. Embrace pre-boarding communications.

Tip 3: Be consistent

Being consistent doesn’t mean being the same. Embedding your EVP well means making sure everyone in your organisation feels the same. The way you achieve that will vary for different job levels, roles and office locations. The trick is to tailor your touchpoint to your audience.


Tip 4: Keep that finger on the pulse

Don’t wait to survey. Use continuous listening to find out what’s working and what isn’t – and, most importantly, act on the data you get back.

Tip 5: Keep it real (but keep pushing)

Spoiler: your EVP will expire. It’s not static and it will evolve over time. That’s why the best EVPs reflect current reality and future ambition. Current state keeps things authentic, grounded and recognisable. Future state says where you’re going. The way to make sure you capture both now and next? Every time you create something new, revisit your EVP and cross-check. Have you captured it? Have you stretched it?



July 2, 2018, We Are Unity