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The Unity Schedule – our new ways of working

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The future of work is here today and it’s going to take some time for all of us to catch up and master it. Now more than ever we need to support our teams to be healthy, connected and productive. 

To help you, we are sharing our way of working. It’s a practical schedule to support your transition to your own new ways of working while maintaining high performance. 

8.30am – 9am Start the day together

Connect with your team every morning (using your VC technology) first thing to check-in on current work and priorities for the day. The key topics of conversation are:

  • What are your priorities?
  • Who needs help?
  • Who can support?

Unity Tip #1
Ditch emails and minimise phone calls
It’s hard to build emotional connection over email or on the phone. In lieu of face to face communication, video conferencing is the way to build a sense of social connection while in isolation. Always VC first, call second, text third and email fourth. 

12pm – 1pm
Break bread

Try sharing a meal over lunchtime with your team. Most people will miss the incidental relationship building that happens in a workplace. 


Unity Tip #2 Just say hi
Got a spare 15 minutes? VC a colleague who you haven’t spoken to for a while to check in. They will appreciate it and you will feel better for it as well.

Check in at the end of the day

The end of the day check-in is critical to help your team put an end to the workday. The aim of this meeting is to check in on progress and celebrate achievements. Key agenda points are:

  • What did you achieve today? 
  • What do you need help on?
  • How can we set each other up for success tomorrow?


Unity Tip #3: Choose your channels wisely
Be careful not to dilute your communications channels. In an isolated world we are at risk of being inundated with technology and communications. Be clear about what each channel is used for, we apply the following:

  • Video Conferencing – Day-to-day communication and collaboration
  • WhatsApp – Share humour and team building 
  • Email – formal communication, confirmations, and client communication


Unity Tip #4: 5.30pm onwards – keep it social 

Celebration is key, make sure that you have virtual work drinks at least once a week to reflect on your successes, failures and experiences. Humans are social animals and recognition is the cheapest and most effective motivator.


Unity Tip #5: Try new things and keep it fun

In uncertain times, some people may naturally recoil, but it’s important that we maintain high spirits both as individuals and as a team.

  • To keep the personality and creativity of your business flowing you could invite your team to submit their favourite songs and compile a shared playlist.
  • This becomes something fun that everyone can enjoy together, from the comfort of their own home.


Unity Tip #6: Lead with communication

It’s important that leaders communicate clearly and regularly. This is so important when the rest of the world might seem unclear and rudderless. 

  • Leadership updates via video.
  • Weekly update on the state of the business in the context of the state of the market and world.
  • Highlighting what we’re achieving and learning along the way.
  • This kind of video content could be ideal to share with business partners and suppliers.


We’d be happy to share more about our new ways of working and what we’re currently testing out at We Are Unity so get in touch with us on email at hello@weareunity.com. We’d also love to know what’s working for you and your organisation so please share your tips and ideas with us too.

April 6, 2020, We Are Unity