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The untold story of Rudolph the Bullied Reindeer

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This festive season Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer will turn 80 years old – and his true story has at last come to light!



They used to laugh and call him names

As you know, Rudolph was the oddball amongst the reindeers. His shiny nose practically shouted, “I’m different!”, and Rudolph didn’t feel psychologically safe at his workplace. And as much as he truly wanted to contribute to a greater purpose, he held back, and struggled to make friends with his authentic self.

Celebrating diversity

Santa, as it turns out, was quite the progressive boss. Recognising Rudolph’s unique capabilities, he understood the importance of leading by example and creating a culture of inclusivity at North Pole HQ. Once Rudolph was empowered to shine, he eventually realised his potential and became Santa’s 2IC.

Shine bright

Did you know only 47% of employees feel psychologically safe at work? Stories like this inspire the work we do, and it seemed only fitting to celebrate Rudolph by telling his real story with a Christmas card – and a new set of lyrics.


Rudolph the red nosed reindeer
Was different than his reindeer friends
They teased him for his difference
And they refused to make amends

All of this ‘friendly’ teasing
Made his work a hostile place
Stifling his true potential
‘Cause in his heart he felt unsafe

After that stormy Christmas Eve
The others understood
If you darken someone’s glow
You’ll never feed their need to grow

We’re all better with perspective
powered by diversity
and if we embrace our difference
we’ll find strength in unity.



December 5, 2019, mazz.napier