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Where your ideas become a reality

No matter where you are in your career, and no matter what you’ve envisioned for your future: We Are Unity is the place to connect with great people and big ideas, so you can become who you want to be.

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Working with us

We’re small enough that you’ll always be heard, and big enough that there’s room to grow. With us, you’ll find the people, the tools and the opportunities you need to realise your goals; it’s your job to make them work for you. The same goes for our work. We simplify the complex for our clients. We provoke change. The agile and the tenacious thrive here.

Group Shot

We look for people who are not only comfortable with ambiguity but inspired by the potential it presents. To find yourself at home here, you need to be the type to go toe-to-toe with every challenge and know that, no matter the outcome, there’s value in lessons learned and brave steps taken. You see the creative side of business, and the business side of creativity, and you’re excited to bring out the best of both in every project.

All of our people are talented, every project can inspire, and the most exciting thing is the potential to make ourselves and our work even better. We’re curious and bold, and we love nothing more than seeing the changes our work can affect.

One team

Together, we form an eclectic team with diverse expertise, experience and talents. Magic happens in the places where our differences intersect; when we find new ways to see our clients’ needs from each other’s perspectives and add layers to each other’s insights. Allow us to introduce you to the smarts, the curiosity and the playfulness of our people.

What we value

Our values – Bravery, Imagination and Partnership – are a really important aspect of life at We Are Unity. Our recognition program, The Stickies, is named for how our values form the glue that keeps us strong. We ‘chuck stickies’ at each other (read: nominate) throughout the month, and prizes are given out at our monthly Agency Jam get-togethers.

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Let's keep in touch.

We love making new friends and we're always looking for interesting, talented people to connect with. Drop us a line and introduce yourself. You never know... you could be the link we didn't know we were missing.

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