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AEMC’s Employer Brand

The AEMC needed to encourage and enable its people to form stronger, more meaningful connections to each other and to the vision of the organisation so that it could evolve.

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We’re all in this together

In order to evolve and continue to effectively deliver on its vision, the AEMC needed a way to inspire, empower and motivate its people.

We had an opportunity to develop connections amongst the AEMC’s people: to each other, to their vision and strategy, and to their individual potential to contribute to a better life at the AEMC. We created pathways for connection throughout the employee experience.

Be the link

We created an employer brand – Be the link – and key messaging to that encouraged knowledge-sharing, proactivity, collaboration, contribution and an emotional connection to the AEMC’s vision, purpose and strategy.

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Shining a light on potential

With an energetic art direction and authentic ambassador stories, we showed the AEMC’s people the possibilities that connections and big picture thinking could enable.


Energy restored

The best way for us to measure the effectiveness of ‘Be the link’ in engaging and connecting the AEMC’s people are the analytics from Spark. In the first three months, an average of 96% of users logged in every month at least once a day, and 74% of people actively contributed and engaged with content.

This shows that, in keeping with the employer brand’s key messages, the AEMC’s people have consistently connected with the ideas, the platforms and – most importantly – the people who bring ‘Be the link’ to life.