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Cathay Pacific

Bringing brand and culture together

Re-energising the employees' connection to a philosophy at the centre of Cathay Pacific's customer experience - "Service straight from the heart".

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Finding real meaning through storytelling

Through anecdotes, Cathay Pacific’s people gave new life to a customer-focused philosophy that had meaning to everyone across the business.

The philosophy has deep roots in the airline’s service history, and is unique and valuable to the brand. While Cabin Crew regularly enacted it, it had the potential to be embraced and believed by every person at Cathay Pacific around the world. By creating forums for storytelling, we reminded them how powerful the ethos could be for them, their customers and each other.

What we enabled

Putting the brand into people’s hands

The content was generated entirely by Cathay Pacific’s people and shared through handwritten notes that formed a public installation. Later, every story was compiled to create a book that newcomers now receive as part of onboarding.

Immersing ourselves in Cathay Pacific’s culture

The closeness of our strategic relationship with Cathay Pacific, means that over the past 6 years we have not only had the privilege to learn about, but also work with every part of their business. This has enabled us to deliver strategies and creative that’s relevant and resonant with the challenges faced by people that may not ordinarily communicate with each other.

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