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Making social media work for Human Resources

To make the most of their impending employer brand launch, we worked with IMC to explore new, engaging and relevant ways to build awareness with potential candidates.

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Taking the mountain to Mohammed

IMC looks for the best talent in the world. The problem is, the best talent in the world don’t know to look for IMC.

We devised a social media strategy to build IMC’s brand awareness and explore a unique approach to talent acquisition.

A global hub for new ideas

Two things that unite IMC people across the world are their intellectual rigour and their genuine interest in topical industry discourse and debate. We helped them establish a platform for thought-leadership articles, which allows IMC to share a point of view, start conversations, engage external audiences and invite involvement from existing employees.

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The code less travelled

We knew we wanted to promote IMC’s new employer brand Explore. Engage. Expand. with messaging around three key themes: technology, achievement, and authenticity. As an exciting but relatively obscure business with serious employment competitors, we needed a non-traditional marketing solution that would help IMC stand out.

The passion points for IMC’s target audiences are gamification, competitions, innovation insights, hackathons and open source development. So, at peak recruitment season in each of IMC’s global locations, we launched the IMC Developer Challenge.

Comprising a series of coding and lateral thinking questions, the Developer Challenge targeted mathematics and computer science graduates to build awareness of IMC and in the process create a talent pool of potential candidates.

How it came together

The Developer Challenge was successful in all three of IMC’s global locations in marketing the technology-based trading firm as a potential employer of graduates in all three of IMC’s global geographies. In fact, people from over 40 countries across the world participated in the Developer Challenge.


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