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The Seed - Internal Engagement Platform

Connecting people, products and purpose all on one platform.

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A place to call home

The Seed, an internal engagement platform, united Jurlique’s global community by giving them a window into every corner of the brand.

It’s an online platform, designed to unify a world of Jurlique employees who are separated not only by geography, but by their diverse roles in the ‘seed to skin’ production cycle. The Seed is a space to engender advocacy, promote visibility, and instil a sense of mutual respect and worth across the workforce.

Jurlique The Seed
Jurlique The Seed

Seeing the bigger picture

Populated with engaging, non-operational content like product tutorials, internal hashtags, user-generated content and brand updates from senior leaders, The Seed lets people see more clearly how they fit into Jurlique’s story.