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South East Water

Bringing their vision to life

We created an emotional connection between South East Water’s brand and its people to empower them to take ownership of achieving the company’s vision and excite them about impacting the organisation’s future.

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Taking vision to heart

Our Story is an emotive narrative that illustrates how each of South East Water’s people has a part to play in bringing the business’ vision to life.

Their leadership team had defined their vision for the future: to be a digital utility that provides healthy water for life. We created a video that helped to explain where South East Water was going, the plan to get there, and how everyone across the business could contribute.

Simplifying the strategy

To effectively articulate their vision and inspire their people to believe in and enable it, we worked with South East Water’s leadership team to simplify their new strategic priorities. We created a messaging framework around these so they became relevant and achievable to their workforce.

SEW Strategy Deck

Our Story is your story

It was important to find ways to interpret the Our Story messaging framework for the audiences South East Water needed to speak to. From a recruitment perspective, we made sure that from the moment candidates started engaging with South East Water as a potential employer, they had a consistent understanding of the vision.

Internally, the tools we created helped the Senior Leadership Team to more effectively communicate the vision and strategy across the business. Our Story was also used by the Board to talk externally to the public about the future of South East Water.

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