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Taking Diversity & Inclusion further

Medibank is already a leader in Diversity & Inclusion – but they never stop challenging themselves.

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Confronting bias

Our latest video for Medibank is a confronting look at the impact of silence – of not speaking out.

Medibank people are great at spotting their own bias. But is that enough? In a world where unconscious (and unintended) bias means people can’t be who they really are, we need to get better at speaking up. We need to challenge bias as well as recognise it.

Building on the success of our first Diversity & Inclusion video, this “difficult second album” had to take things to the next level, both in message and execution. We captured a brave, diverse cast of people and leaders, telling their stories and challenging the viewer to speak out and create an environment where everyone can come to work free to be themselves. It was important for us to maintain a simple, unrelenting focus on our subjects. We wanted to make the viewer feel confronted and ready to talk openly.

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Positive reception

Originally intended to set the scene for internal leadership training, the video has gone on to be shared externally. With 10,000+ views in a week on LinkedIn and a positive reception, it certainly got people talking.

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