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Recognition at Yahoo!7

Repositioning the power of thanks.

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Love don’t cost a thing

We helped Yahoo!7 remind its fun, energetic workforce that feeling valued has a value of its own.

They already had a culture of rewarding good work, but it was based online, hard to see and revolved around an entrenched expectation of prize-giving. The emotional power of recognition had been eclipsed. We created a new programme that reset those attitudes so the warm and fuzzies could take centre stage.

What we enabled

Prioritising emotional connections

We made recognition visible by taking the programme offline and creating an all-staff audience for the announcement of recognition awards.

Recognition Wheel

Fostering a ritual

We created a ritual around thanking and congratulating one another, and aligned the recognition programme with the EVP by building recognition announcements into Yahoo!7’s monthly all-staff meeting.

  • Moves Like Jagger Card
  • Legends Recognition Poster
  • Killing It Card
  • Superstar Poster
  • Rock Star Card
  • Champions Poster