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Research, Data & Analytics

Gain a deep understanding of your business (and what you need to drive success)

Surveys, qualitative research, advanced analytics and real-time, interactive reporting. A lot goes in to measuring culture, employee experience and engagement, but even more value comes out.

Our employee experience, engagement and culture measurement suite gives you the data you need, sliced and diced into easily digestible, actionable insight. It’s everything you need to start driving (and measuring) culture change and business performance. Expect thought-provoking, commercial questions, advanced predictive analytics, interactive manager dashboards and generous support.


Culture Diagnostic

Our bespoke culture diagnostic measures key mindsets and behaviours to help you unlock the full potential of your workforce. Aligned to your purpose vision and strategy, this tool highlights the gap between current reality and required future state. But our offering goes beyond a survey supported by insights. Our consultants will tell you what you need to do to drive change, without losing the cultural strengths that have made your organisation what it is today.


Employee Experience Survey

Whether you want it bespoke or off the shelf, our market-leading employee experience survey takes employee engagement to the next level. Focusing on emotional connection, commercial results and future-focused insights, it prioritises those areas that have biggest impact on driving business performance. With real-time reporting and interactive dashboards, it’s easy to get insight on everything from energy and belonging to readiness for change. And it’s all supported by our expert team of consultants, who are here to help from before day one to after results.


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