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People Promise

Emotionally connecting 30,000 people to one of the world's most recognised brands.

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Illustrating the promise

KFC asks its people to make a difference to each other and their customers by being themselves and having fun.

In return, the business supports their ambitions and encourages their individuality. We used paper craft and animation as the basis of our art direction, which brought KFC’s People Promise to life for its national workforce and potential candidates.

What we enabled

  • Scamp For Storyboard
  • KFC Pre Production
  • KFC Greenscreen
  • KFC Output Hero Image
  • KFC Hero Image
  • KFC Hero Image

Unique and united

The People Promise provides a source of truth for every internal activity and ensures all KFC’s people are receiving the same messaging, which has been simplified for their young audience and created a common language. It has unified KFC’s recruitment message, and created ways to continue that experience throughout the employment journey.